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In my quest to better my understanding on how to help patients deal with the sudden news of having breast cancer, coping with medications, surviving through therapy, patiently adhering to follow up sessions and eventually outlasting this tribulation. I found these books to be helpful and recommend them to all who would need help in matters related to breast cancer. You can check them out on my site here:

For those who want to maintain breast health or to those who have recently been diagnosed with breast cancer, this book offers a lot of information with how to keep up and go on living a full and happy life.

A genuine story of how one woman triumphs over the stages of hurricane-like circumstances that occur in her life; divorce, death of a loved one, seriously ill parents and the sudden news of having breast cancer.

The long standing “bible” for the newly diagnosed with breast cancer, this book provides a full blown guide not just for patients, but for all who are interested in knowing the decisions, treatment and other concerns related to this disease.

This book provides a vivid step-by-step process for those going through breast cancer. For the families, relatives and loved ones concerned, you will find plenty of useful insight and information. For breast cancer victims, solace and comfort in your silent breast cancer companion.

Find hope and strength in the inspiring stories of how family members and victims face their fears in what could be their darkest hour. This book showcases the human spirit and how it shines through even when confronted by something as uncertain as breast cancer

The leading cause of death in women from 35 to 54 years of age, breast cancer is one of the most terrifying and confusing diseases ever. This book contains the latest findings to help women face treatment, feel informed and empowered.