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About Dr. Charlton

About Dr. Charlton

Dr. Chris was born in Europe but has lived in the US for many years. He attended college both in Europe and the US and completed medical school at the University of Texas. Residency and fellowship in oncology was completed at Baylor.

Dr. Chris has spent many years taking care of cancer patients with a strong emphasis on breast cancer. He has been very involved in clinical research serving as the lead investigator on several important trials in breast cancer research and treatment. He continues to be very active in research serving on numerous committees and panels devoted to breast cancer. Dr. Chris has also authored and co-authored articles on breast cancer which have been published in prestigious journals and presented at national meetings. Dr. Chris remains very committed to research and helping eradicate this terrible disease. The education of his patients and the community also remains a top priority.

Dr. Chris resides with his family and enjoys reading, travelling, and movies. He is excited to share the Breast Cancer Help Center with you.

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